Paradies für Krimiautorinnen

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Endlich hat es mal eine Autorin erkannt: Deutschland und Österreich sind ein Paradies für Krimiautor/innen! Tess Gerritsen berichtet über ihre Lesereise.

» But wait, this is a writer’s blog, after all, and I guess I really should get back to the writing biz, and why, exactly, an American writer would even be touring in Germany. The reason is simple: Germany is a HUGE book market. It’s the second largest market in the world, after the U.S., and it deserves any writer’s attention. A look at their national bestseller list (published every week in Der Spiegel … ) shows that Germans are reading many of the same books we are, from Harry Potter to The Da Vinci Code. They’re wildly enthusiastic about familiar names such as John Grisham, Diana Gabaldon, and Stephen King. Crime thrillers are big there, and romances have an enthusiastic following. «
» The other big difference is that Germans seem to LOVE attending author readings. I was told by one German reader that it’s a major social activity there, much like going to the movies or attending a play. Not only do they turn up in large numbers at bookstore events, they often have to PAY to get in, with prices somewhere around five to seven Euros. Despite that entrance fee, my readings were much larger in Germany than in the U.S., where I’ve occasionally sat through some truly depressing book signings with only two or three people turning up. In contrast, my reading in Hannover, Germany drew 200 people, and the bookseller sold out of all my books. Every single copy was gone. – Here in the U.S., we writers can only dream of such events. «

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Klare Schlussfolgerung: Ab sofort müssen alle Krimilesungen für die Besucher/innen kostenlos sein! Die sollen mal schön von den Verlagen gesponsert werden, schließlich verkaufen sie ja auch kräftig Bücher! Schluss mit dem ewigen Gejammer…