Gewinner der Arthur Ellis Awards 2007

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Zum 24. Mal haben die → Crime Writers of Canada (CWC) ihre Arthur Ellis Awards vergeben. Eigentlich sollte es in diesem Jahr sieben Kategorien geben, allerdings gab es für die Kategorie „Best Crime Writing in French“ so wenig Einsendungen, dass auf die Vergabe in dieser Rubrik verzichtet wurde. In den anderen sechs Kategorien haben gewonnen:

– Best Novel –
Honor among men
Barbara Fradkin: Honour Among Men

Inspector Green is coping with an office job, still eager to get back into the day-to-day fray of policing. His chance comes when an unidentified woman is drowned in the Ottawa River. In her possession is a Medal for Bravery from a peacekeeping mission.
As Green and his team dig deeper into the military past, Green finds himself sucked not only into the murky past of a peacekeeping unit but into the high-stakes present of a federal election race. What crime was committed in Yugoslavia more than a decade ago? Is someone still killing to prevent that secret from coming to light? And does the diary of a dead soldier hold the key?

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– Best First Novel –
Sign of The Cross
Anne Emery: Sign of the Cross

Be careful what you wish for, his mother used to say. Yet how many times, in his 20 years defending the underclass, has Monty Collins wished for a client who is intelligent, articulate, and tattoo-free? Now he has one, but it’s not long before his mother’s warning comes back to haunt him. Father Brennan Burke was born in Ireland, raised in New York, educated in Rome — he’s equally fluent in Latin and the language of the street. And he is the prime suspect in the killing of a foxy young girl whose body was found carved with a religious sign, a sign that points straight to the priest.

From their first meeting, Monty finds Burke acerbic, arrogant, and evasive about his relationship with the victim. Conflict between lawyer and client simmers all through the ordeal that lies ahead, as evidence piles up and murder charges seem inevitable. With Burke remaining tight-lipped about his past, Monty has no choice but to go behind his back and conduct a probe into the life of his own client. Never in his career has Monty been so lost for answers, until a long-forgotten incident takes on new and ominous meaning…

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– Best Short Story –
Dennis Richard Murphy: Fuzzy Wuzzy. Erschienen in: Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine (August 2006)

– Best Non Fiction –
Brian O’Dea: High: Confessions of a Pot Smuggler

How a privileged son of Newfoundland became one of the world’s most efficient marijuana traffickers – and then gave it all up.

An intriguing ad ran in the Employment Wanted section of a Toronto newspaper in February 2001:
Having successfully completed a ten-year sentence, incident free, for importing 75 tons of marijuana into the United States, I am now seeking a legal and legitimate means to support myself and my family.

Business experience: Owned and operated a successful fishing business — multi-vessel, one airplane, one island and processing facility. Simultaneously owned and operated a fleet of tractor-trailer trucks conducting business in the western United States. During this time I also participated in the executive level management of 120 people worldwide in a successful pot-smuggling venture with revenues in excess of $100-million US annually…

Among the advertiser’s references was the US district attorney who was responsible for his arrest in 1990 and who had reminded the trial judge that the offence could carry the death penalty. The ad made news around the world and also captured the resilient spirit of Brian O’Dea, a remarkable man who, even in his darkest hours of addiction and criminality, never lost the love of family and friends.

The O’Dea family is well known in government and legal circles in Newfoundland. But the family’s prominence could not protect their middle son from sexual abuse at the hands of priests. Brian became the black sheep, and turned to drugs in his late teens for the money, for the excitement, and for an escape from himself. Twenty-five years later, when the cops finally knocked on his door at the end of a massive DEA investigation, he had given up the trade and was a recovered cocaine addict working as a drug addiction counsellor in Santa Barbara. He had finally begun to understand how he had ended up in the drug world. He was tried and sentenced to ten years to be served at Terminal Island federal prison in Los Angeles Harbor.

High interweaves extracts of his prison diary – perceptive, funny and alarming all at once – with the vivid recounting of his outlaw years and the dawning recognition of those things in his life that were worth living for.

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– Best Juvenile –
hamish x and the cheese pirates
Seán Cullen: Hamish X and the Cheese Pirates

The mysterious Hamish X is the scourge of the Orphan Disposal Agency—Agents Candy and Sweet can’t seem to find a facility that can hold him. After arriving at the Windcity Orphanage, where the children are forced to earn their keep making stinky blue cheese, Hamish X is soon planning his escape along with new friends Parveen and Mimi. But his plans are put on hold when the factory is suddenly attacked by a fierce gang of pirates, led by the dreaded Cheesebeard of Snow Monkey Island. In order to save the other orphans, Hamish X, Mimi, and Parveen must embark upon an epic adventure across the Arctic and take on the cheese-obsessed pirates by themselves.

The inimitable Seán Cullen’s first book in his new series for children is dramatic, action-packed, and, of course, completely hilarious.

Zur Zeit nicht bei gelistet.

– Best Unpublished First Crime Novel (the Unhanged Arthur)
Phyllis Smallman: Margarita Nights

Die weiteren nominierten Titel in den jeweiligen Kategorien finden sich übrigens → hier. Weitere Informationen zu den Arthur Ellis Awards gibt natürlich auf der → Homepage der Crime Writers of Canada (CWC).