Lambda Literary Awards 2006 vergeben

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Am vergangen Donnerstag wurden in Washington DC die diesjährigen Lambda Literary Awards vergeben. In insgesamt 22 Kategorien werden die besten schwule, lesbische, bisexuelle und transgender Bücher und Autor/innen ausgezeichnet.

Als bester schwuler Krimi wurde ausgezeichnet:

D. Travers Scott: One of These Things is Not Like the Others (Verlag: Suspect Thoughts)
“You’re your own man,” Jake Barnes tells himself upon arrival at his father’s isolated cabin in the woods of Oregon. “You are yourself.” But in the strange world of One of These Things Is Not Like the Other, manhood and self are not to be so easily understood. Or trusted.

Quadruplet brothers. Raised in rural seclusion by their identical, namesake father. Now in their twenties, the Jake Barnes brothers are shocked by their father’s sudden suicide during one boy’s visit. More surprises come in the video he leaves behind, announcing that one of them is an unrelated outsider, and daring his sons to uncover the truth of their birth. From across the U.S. the brothers converge to find a woman who may be their mother, but twisted lust, murderous secrets, and shifting identities threaten their lives along the way.

Set in a dream-soaked reality one step removed from our own, One of These Things Is Not Like the Other is a darkly comic tale of masculine identity and relationships. What is the true nature of a man, father, brother, son, lover? Some men die searching for such truth. Some men kill to keep it hidden. Some come to wish they had never learned it. But as the four identical brothers seek out answers to who they are and where they come from, they find the truth to be as elusive as fog on the Oregon coast or as treacherous as sand in a Texas dust storm.

Suicide, homicide, fratricide, incest—it’s a love story. And a page turner. With very dark humor. Hell, it’s better than Cirque de Soleil. David Lynch meets Neil Bartlett? A Tennessee Williams-penned Twilight Zone episode with a Magnetic Fields soundtrack? Clive Barker meets Brazil meets Fight Club? David Cronenberg directs a queer Ordinary People?

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Als bester lesbischer Krimi wurde ausgezeichnet:

Alicia Gaspar De Alba: Desert Blood: The Juarez Murders (Verlag: Arte Público Press)
It’s the summer of 1998 and for five years over a hundred mangled and desecrated bodies have been found dumped on the Chihuahua desert outside of Juárez, México, just across the river from El Paso, Texas. The perpetrators of the ever-rising number of violent deaths target poor young women, terrifying inhabitants of both sides of the border.

El Paso native Ivon Villa has returned to her hometown to adopt the baby of Cecilia, a pregnant maquiladora worker in Juárez. When Cecilia turns up strangled and disemboweled in the desert, Ivon is thrown into the churning chaos of abuse and murder. Even as the rapes and killings of “girls from the south” continue—their tragic stories written in desert blood—a conspiracy covers up the crimes that implicate everyone from the Maquiladora Association to the Border Patrol.

When Ivon’s younger sister gets kidnapped in Juárez, Ivon knows that it’s up to her to find her sister, whatever it takes. Despite the sharp warnings she gets from family, friends, and nervous officials, Ivon’s investigation moves her deeper and deeper into the labyrinth of silence.

From acclaimed poet and prose-writer Alicia Gaspar de Alba, Desert Blood: The Juárez Murders is a gripping thriller that ponders the effects of patriarchy, gender identity, border culture, transnationalism, and globalization on an international crisis.

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Die weiteren nominierten Titel in den Kategorien „Gay Men’s Mystery“ und „Lesbian Mystery“ finden sich hier.

Alle weiteren Preisträger gibt es hier und hoffentlich auch bald hier.