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Zum 23. Mal haben die Crime Writers of Canada (CWC) in diesem Jahr ihre Arthur Ellis Awards vergeben. Mit den Auszeichnungen in insgesamt sechs Kategorien werden Kriminalromane und -erzählungen aus Kanada gewürdigt. Vergeben wurden die Preise am 8. Juni 2006 in Toronto. Eine kritische Betrachtung der Preisvergabe folgt in den nächsten Stunden, hier zunächst die Gewinner in der bebilderten Übersicht.

– Best First Novel –
Still Life
Louise Penny: Still Life
(Verlag: McArthur & Company)


As the early morning mist clears on Thanksgiving Sunday, the homes of Three Pines come to life – all except one…

To locals, the village is a safe haven. So they are bewildered when a well-loved member of the community is found lying dead in the maple woods. Surely it was an accident – a hunter’s arrow gone astray. Who could want Jane Neal dead?

In a long and distinguished career with the Sûreté du Quebec, Chief Inspector Armand Gamache has learned to look for snakes in Eden. Gamache knows something dark is lurking behind the white picket fences, and if he watches closely enough, Three Pines will begin to give up its secrets…

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– Best Novel –
April Fool
William Deverell: April Fool
(Verlag: McClelland & Stewart)

Arthur Beauchamp, the scholarly, self-doubting legend of the B.C. criminal bar (and one of Deverell’s most amiable — and crafty — protagonists), is enjoying his retirement as a hobbyist farmer on B.C.’s Garibaldi Island when he is dragged back to court to defend an old client. Nick “the Owl” Faloon, once one of the world’s top jewel thieves, has been accused of raping and murdering a psychologist. Beauchamp has scarcely registered how unlikely it is that the diminutive Faloon has hurt anyone when his own personal life takes an abrupt turn. His new wife, Margaret Blake, organic farmer and environmental activist, has taken up residence fifty feet above ground in a tree she is determined to save for the eagles and from the loggers. Beauchamp shuttles between Vancouver and the island, doing what he can to save the tree and get his wife back — and defend Faloon.

Part courtroom thriller, part classic whodunit, April Fool sees Deverell writing at the top of his form as he puts these characters through some entertaining and very surprising twists and turns.

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– Best Short Story –
Rick Mofina: Lightning Rider. Erschienen in: Murder in Vegas (Forge Books)

– Best Non-Fiction –
Under the bridge
Rebecca Godfrey: Under the Bridge – The True Story of the Murder of Reena Virk
(Verlag: HarperCollins Canada)

It has been a long road to justice for Reena Virk, beaten and murdered at the hands of her teenage peers. Th murder of this girl is one of the most notorious and heartbreaking cases in Canadian history. Here, for the first time, acclaimed author Rebecca Godfrey reveals the stunning truth about a Canadian tragedy that captured international headlines.

Who were the seemingly ordinary suburban teenagers who found themselves under the bridge in Victoria, BC, on the night of November 14, 1997? Why would a girl who longed to be their friend be beaten and killed? And how did so many teenagers keep terrible secrets from parents, teachers and police for eight days? These are the questions all of us have been asking, and in

Under the Bridge the answers are revealed in a stunning narrative. Godfrey spent six years researching the case, conducting exclusive interviews with parents, classmates, police, prosecutors and, perhaps most importantly, several of the youths, including Warren Glowatski, one of the two teenagers convicted of murdering Virk. Godfrey also witnessed firsthand the many trials of Kelly Ellard, also found guilty of killing a girl who just wanted to fit in.

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– Best Juvenile –

Quid pro Quo
Vicki Grant: Quid Pro Quo
(Verlag: Orca Book Publishers)

Cyril MacIntyre may only be thirteen years old,
but he knows the law.

I hated law school, but if I hadn’t spent three years of my life there, I wouldn’t have known anything about fraud, blackmail or the principle of equity. In other words, I wouldn’t have known what I needed to know to save my mother’s life.

Quid Pro Quo is a high-stakes, fast-moving legal thriller about real people, and funny people at that. Cyril MacIntyre’s mother is a twenty-eight-year-old ex-street kid who drags her son to all her law school classes, then proceeds to get herself kidnapped. That aside, Cyril’s life isn’t too different from that of other thirteen-year-olds. He has all the usual adolescent issues to deal with: parent problems, self-esteem problems, skin, hair and girl problems. He just has legal problems too. And he’s got to solve them if he wants to save his mother’s life.

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– Best Crime Writing in French –

motel riviera
Gérald Galarneau: Motel Riviera
(Verlag: Les Editions JCL)

Un soir de pluie torrentielle et de grand brouillard, Pierre Vaugeois rentre d’un séjour à Québec pour affaires. Seul au volant, content d’être une journée en avance, il aperçoit soudain la Ford Tempo de sa femme qui passe devant lui sur la route 116. Par curiosité malsaine, il décide de la suivre.

Mais il n’arrive pas, à cause de la pluie abondante et la purée de pois, à bien identifier la conductrice. Est-ce bien la bonne voiture?

La Ford Tempo ne roule pas longtemps. Elle tourne dans le parking du motel Riviera. Un homme en descend et court jusqu’à la réception. Il en ressort, se rue sur une porte, l’ouvre et fait des signes pour qu’on le rejoigne.

Vaugeois est aux aguets. Au travers des essuie-glaces qui battent follement et cherchent à évacuer l’eau trop abondante, il scrute la nuit brumeuse. La femme descend de la Ford Tempo, attrape un parapluie.

Il n’y a plus aucun doute: ce parapluie est celui que Vaugeois a lui-même offert à sa femme pour son anniversaire de naissance.

Il est cocu. Lui, Pierre Vaugeois, cette armoire à glace de près de deux mètres qui impose le respect partout, est trompé. Brouillard, pluie, rage démente: cocktail puissant pour une nuit fatale…

Zur Zeit nicht bei gelistet.

– Derrick Murdoch Award –

Mary Jane Maffini, The tiny perfect CWC volunteer

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