Nachgereicht: Gewinner der Lambda Awards

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Bevor ich das nun ganz vergesse, hier nachgereicht die Gewinner der diesjährigen → Lambda Awards in den Kategorien „Men’s Mystery“ und „Woman’s Mystery“.

Mit den Lambda Awards werden jährlich lesbische, schwule, bisexuelle und transgender Bücher in verschiedenen Kategorien ausgezeichnet. In diesem Jahr haben 85 Jurorinnen und Juroren über 463 Bücher in 21 Kategorien abgestimmt.

In der Kategorie „Woman’s Mystery“ hat gewonnen:
Wall of Silence
Gabrielle Goldsby: Wall of Silence
2nd. Edition. (Verlag: Bold Strokes Books)

It should have been an average bust. Minimal trouble. Minimal backup.

But when police detective Foster Everett witnesses the unspeakable, average becomes deadly. A cover-up ensues and Foster escapes from her remorse at a neighborhood bar. There she meets Riley Meideros, the one person strong enough to hear Foster’s painful secret and not turn away. But like most secrets, Foster’s refuses to stay hidden. And like even the most carefully built walls—walls that Riley effortlessly seems to breech—the barricades surrounding Foster soon begin to crumble. Fearing that she has put Riley in danger and fighting against the powerful attraction growing between them, Foster vows to uncover the truth. But someone is determined to keep the truth buried, even if it means silencing Foster and Riley permanently.

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In der Kategorie „Men’s Mystery“ hat gewonnen:
Murder in the rue chartres
Greg Herren: Murder in the Rue Chartres
(Verlag: Alyson Books)

Murder hits the Big Easy.

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Chanse MacLeod returns to a different, shattered New Orleans in an attempt to rebuild his own life and face his own future. When he discovers that his last client before the storm was murdered the very night she hired him to find her long-missing father, he is drawn into a web of intrigue and evil that surrounds the Verlaine family.

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Alle weiteren nominierten Titel in diesen beiden Kategorien können → hier nachgelesen werden. Weitere Informationen über die Lambda Literary Foundation, die den Preis vergibt, finden sich unter →